Episode 1: Dr Ben Sessa, MBBS (MD) MRCPsych


Today I was joined by Dr Ben Sessa - Ben is a man who wears a very many hats. He is a Psychiatrist in the South of England where he works in the fields of child and adolescent psychiatry and he also works with adults suffering from addictions. Dr Sessa is currently conducting a proof of concept trial into the safety and efficacy of MDMA assisted psychotherapy in the treatment of alcoholism. Ben was very gracious with his time and we covered quite a lot of ground as a result. We spoke about the suitability of MDMA for the treatment of psychological trauma, Ben’s professional background in the field of psychedelic medicine and research, and we touched on some of the potential cultural and political challenges and opportunities we foresee as the use of psychedelic compounds start to nudge up against mainstream society.

Niall Campbell